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Our History

The Parkers, The Pecks,  Pastor Stephen Thurston & Kervance Ross created a community for couples like yourselves to engage in real dialogue about our challenges and celebrate the unions that we have been blessed to receive. 

Formerly known as Couples 4:12, now Couples United, we have the same message celebrating couples but felt that the new name would be more encompassing.   The first institution that God, through the Bible, identified is the family.  Before the church, the family is the paramount entity.  This concept clearly highlights the importance of couples and their unit.

Our Mission

To provide faith-based organizations, communities and individuals with the tools, platform, resources, and motivation to develop their men, women and couples through sound, experienced and relevant insight that will build families, communities and ultimately the kingdom of God. 

Therefore, Couples United is a movement that provides a safe haven for couples on every level.  Whether they are happily married, divorced, engaged, dating, experiencing marital storms or just seeking the wisdom and camaraderie of like-minded couples …

Value statements

  • Study principles of God’s plan for marriage

  • Develop relationships with like minded couples

  • Provide regular opportunities for couples to fellowship and support one another

  • Identify strategies to improve communication

Foundational Scripture

Couples United is based on the Ecclesiastes 4:12 scripture Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

Q and Sharlinda Parker 

Q and Sharlinda were married August of 2002 and have two beautiful children,  Quinnes Jr. and Kahdijiha. Sharlinda, owner of Tu La 2 Nail Salon & Company for 15 plus years in the heart of Buckhead Atlanta and manicurist/stylist to the stars, frequently working jobs of the Atlanta thriving movie scene. Q is one of the founding members of the Grammy Award winning, Multi-Platinum RnB group 112. ” Being married for 13 years has taught us a lot and has allowed us to grow spiritually, mentally as well as emotionally”. “It hasn’t been smooth sailing either”. “However, We CHOSE to give each a real shot at a successful marriage”. “We figured out that it takes a community and being able to be held accountable as well as hold others accountable is the key”. ” We have a passion for Christ and for love, which is why we are devoted to this movement of empowering couples and relationships.nd





















Kevin & Dana Peck

Kevin & Dana were married in 2015 they jokingly refer to themselves as the Bladys – they have three girls and three boys combined.  Transplants from Baltimore & Buffalo they are entrepreneurs at heart and work in the entertainment and technology fields respectively. They were both married before and having learned from those experiences and are committed not only to each other but to supporting all couples.  What better way than to join forces with other like minded couples to sustain marriages!  They realize that great marriages are no accident but a result of prayer and choosing a healthy happy union daily.